secret hideaway: carolyn murphy by mikael jansson for interview march 2016

model: carolyn murphy (img)
photographer: mikael jansson

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  1. I am no prude but what could they possibly be selling with the nude shots?! After a while it just becomes unnecessary and rather boring as it they no longer advertising clothes but rather her body.

  2. Amazing, amazing, amazing pics. I can't just choose one. Carolyn still delivers and Jansson never disappoints.

  3. lolz really? questioning nude shots? editorials are not only about pushing sht on people, they are also about a person in front of the camera, their interactions with her/his surroundings, mood, feelings and about the subject's body etc but also about the art of photography. Nude art photography is a well respected part of Western art. If you can't see and appreciate this amazing connection between art/fashion/human/photography maybe just give up and stay with your friends' exciting IG posts about the food their ate...A.

  4. Some incredible shots here, but I do agree that the string of nude shots at the beginning rendered the shoot slightly dull. Great work overall.


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